Our Vision -  “To raise up effective leaders of godly character who will blend academic

achievement and biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God."

School Rules and Student Code of conduct

 As a Christian school that aspires to raise leaders of godly character, we believe that behaving in a manner that is respectful of others, loving and promoting a positive learning environment, is an essential requirement for all our students. Our Student Code of Conduct and School Rules  will help ensure that we are clear and consistent in communicating and enforcing OCS behavioural expectaions. It will also allow future families to understand and appreciate the culture here at our school.

The Student Code of Conduct and School Rules can be accessed on the website click here to be taken to the documents.


School Absence Notes

This form is a new option for parents and can be used in the case of your child being absent due to illness. This form is called Student Absence Notification Form.

Please click here for a copy. 

Another form concerns any absence for reasons other than illness. These absences require approval from the school to be given prior to any leave occurring.  This form is called Application for Exemption from Attendance at School.

Please click here for a copy.

2015 Literacy & Numeracy Action Plan

The school would like to express our thanks and acknowledge the generous support of the NSW State Government for the 2015 NSW Literacy & Numeracy Action Plan. This funding is focused on strengthening whole school approaches to literacy & numeracy that lead to improved student outcomes. A copy of the plan can be viewed here.


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Our Vision and Mission

The Vision of Orange Christian School is:

“To raise up effective leaders of godly character who will blend academic achievement and biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God.”

This vision statement links well with our mission statement. Our mission statement tells people what we do and creates a link to one of our founding values – partnering with parents. The mission statement is:

“In partnership with parents, Orange Christian School provides affordable education that brings honour and glory to God. OCS gives each child a Christ-centred education as a complete person created by God in His image:

• Academically –to see the world from God’s view

• Spiritually – to view themselves in relation to God

• Socially – to see others as God sees them.”


Serving the Orange community for more than 30 years, Orange Christian School is a strong and vibrant coeducational school, providing Christian education from Preparatory to HSC grades. Our vision statement clearly identifies our key purpose, which is: To raise up effective leaders of godly character who will blend academic achievement and biblical truth, to influence society for the glory of God.  

Christian education seeks to support the unique development of each child so they can glorify God and meaningfully serve each other. It is built on a strong partnership between parents and school, where open communication and parental inclusion are both valued and encouraged.

 The three key focus areas for Orange Christian School are:

1. Christian education for lifelong discipleship;

2. Strong academic focus; and

3. Emphasis on creative and performing arts.    

The school seeks to bring all areas of school life into alignment with Biblical principles, including administration, curriculum, governance and welfare. By developing a faithful approach to education, OCS strives to offer excellent opportunities for academic, physical, spiritual, communal and emotional growth for all students.

Our aim is help students to build their lives on firm foundations with a focus on: Heart - love of others and ways that can serve and support our school community and the wider community; Soul - an understanding of one's self under Jesus’ kingship;  Mind - engaging with, and pursuing academic excellence; and Strength - endeavouring with all one's physical abilities in every task undertaken. It is through this teaching, mentoring and encouragement that OCS prepares our students to embrace the joys and challenges of living life as a Christian disciple in the twenty-first century.



Bembooka Trade Skills Centre (TSC) 

OCS's Trades Skills Centre Bembooka was officially opened on Friday, 30th January, 2015, and our first Construction and Hospitality classes commenced that week also. The Hon John Cobb MP cut the ribbon, declaring Bembooka officially open before a large crowd of parents and students who gathered to celebrate the latest milestone in our school's development. Our students have now begun their training towards Certificate II in Hospitality or Construction, greatly enjoying the wonderful new facilities available.

The funding for the Trades Skills Centre has generously been provided by the Federal Government.

Opening of Bembooka on 30th January 2015.

2015 Fundraising Dinner held at our Library Learning Centre.

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Enrolments for 2015
Enrolment Officer Jenni da Silva

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Enrolments are now open for 2015.  To make an appointment for a school tour with Jenni call the school office today. For more information click the enrolments link on our webpage.

Chaplaincy Service

Each year the school is generously supported financially by the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. Through this the Australian Government provides a Chaplain at the school. We appreciate and are grateful for their continued support and contribution to our school community.

Our School Chaplain Jann Osborn is available from Monday to Thursday to speak with students and parents. For appointments please call school office.